Simplify Finance Processes


Considering that every business activity impacts your company's financial performance, it's easy to understand why finance must be one of your most critical responsibilities.

Without a solid analytic approach and a technological infrastructure that supports the finance team, businesses are much more likely to make uninformed financial decisions that could slow the company in the short or long term. Because of that, your company must have a system that provides holistic visibility into the inner workings of the business.


What's included

Notium offers SAP's integration power and Notium's expert consultants' experience as a blended

ultimate Finance Approach for quicker and better decisions. 


Business Clarity

You will be able to create a single view of the plan and performance in real-time with the help of the right tools and modelling approaches. Notium's finance pack will return complete control of your data to the finance team.

A single source of truth

It is crucial to trust your data when making a decision. Notium's Finance Pack will provide you with a single source of truth and save your time on reconsolidating data sources.

Business Integrity

Drive the decision-making process. Notium's Finance Pack will help you align your plan by empowering your team to work with other departments and close any gaps between your intentions and actions with driver-based targets.

Be agile and catch the date

With a cross-functional view of the business and a single source of truth data, your finance department will be more vital than ever to understand what's happening in real-time.

Planning and Forecasting

Keep updated based on changing conditions. When a change occurs in one plan, all related plans are automatically updated. This automation minimises manual work and keeps everything in sync.

What-if Scenarios

See what is behind of business decisions and take action. Let the system do all the heavy work for you. Notium's finance pack allows you to predict the future by advance analytical models.

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